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14k Solid WHITE Gold with White Diaamond Geometric Ear Cuff

A statement ear cuff made for the upper ear. Its clean, strong geometric contour appears to float above the skin, with a single contact point anchoring it to your ear from the front, and a comfortable hidden "seat" making it secure to wear. A row of 33 white diamonds highlights one facet for subtle sparkle.
This collection draws inspiration from the world of Body Modifications. The lines of each jewel float just above the surface of the body, adding another dimension to the contour tattooed on the skin. Geometric lines define the language of this collection, forming complex three-dimensional structures whose floating quality leaves the observer wondering what holds them together, and where they meet the body. Each piece is given an oxidised finish, reflecting the dark line of a tattoo; the oxidation is then stripped away in some contours to reveal the metallic surface underneath, creating a dialogue between tattoo and jewel.


14k Solid White Gold Diamonds: Colour: E Clarity: VS Size: 0.165ct